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Migrants Career Guide

Are you a migrant in search of a better life abroad?

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Or, maybe you’re already migrated but aren’t sure how to jumpstart your career?

Whether you’ve already embarked on your journey or are contemplating the leap, this book will equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to turn your dreams into reality and achieve your career goals.

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What others have said about my work and services

Lorenzo Vezzoli


I was lucky enough to get mentored by Banji during my first semester as a Master’s student at the University of Queensland.

As an international student, I needed guidance and advice to make my first steps in the Australian job market. Thanks to Banji’s help, I was able to secure an internship, achieving the objective we set together.

During the mentorship program, I received very useful tips, and even more importantly, I grew as a person and a professional. I will always be grateful to Banji for this.

Chinwe Ezeigbo


I have relied on Banji for guidance regarding different key applications I’ve made towards starting my career in Australia.

He provided me with great advice on how to be strategic in my job applications to get the best outcomes and the relevant skills I should focus on acquiring. I got my first internship opportunity based on this advice and have applied same advice in getting an interview with a big consulting firm.

Apart from this, Banji has provided me with advice regarding key essays and emails for some opportunities I got. His reviews and advice were timely, strategic and very helpful. I will definitely recommend his services to young professionals trying to get opportunities to work in their field.

Adekola Abiodun

JP Morgan, UK

The support and practical guidance received was instrumental in landing my postgraduate 6months internship with the United Nations and this given me the needed exposure and CV boost.

Banji is currently working with me as I prepare for my upcoming graduate interviews here in the UK. Would recommend them especially to international students

Mark Sim

Principal Project Offier, Queensland Govermment Australia

Banji provided me with job interview advice for a Queensland Government position.

I found the advice to be concise and effective. I managed to secure the position and I believe the advice I received from him played a part in doing so

Janet Abidoye


I had a great experience with Banjihelping me with resume review, helping with interview tips and one on one tutoring with how to answer interviews questions.

I will recommend their service to anyone that actively seeking jobs positions

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