How Long Is Your Resume?

As a job seeker, you might be wondering how many pages your resume should be.

This subject has been widely debated amongst professionals.

As a general rule, I’d advise that your resume be as short and concise as possible.

  • If you recently just completed your studies, then a one-page resume is often non-negotiable
  • If you have had one or two jobs with about five to seven years of work experience, you may have a two-page resume only if you can’t fit it all into a page.
  • Avoid having a one and half page resume – if you do, stick to one page.
  • A one and half page resume does not look good on paper with all the extra white spaces.
  • Remove irrelevant contents – sometimes a few words are better than many words
  • Remove responsibilities that do not add value and replace them with achievements.

Again, for most young professionals, a one-page resume is achievable and can do the magic.