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Give The Hiring Manager A Call

Early this week, I chatted with a young professional who was job hunting. He told me he had applied for some roles that suited him and was awaiting a response.

He looked excited and expectant. I was happy for him and hoped he would get his desired results.

When the conversation was about to end, I asked whether he had given any of the hiring managers a call. I realised he hadn’t given any hiring managers a call before or after applying for the roles.

I wish he did.

A call to a recruiter has many hidden benefits.

Unlock Information


A call can help you get more information.

I have come across position descriptions that were not very clearly defined. In this case, a 10–20-minute telephone call to the hiring manager can give you an insider’s perspective about what they need for the role.

Such calls can also help you understand whether you are a true fit for the role.

Become Familiar With The Hiring Manager

Hiring managers shortlist and employ those they know.

A great way to kick off your job search journey is to call the hiring manager to quickly chat with them to familiarise yourself and speak with them directly.

This act not only helps you absorb information but will also help you familiarise yourself with the hiring manager and possibly the team.

Remember, hiring managers hire who they know. Therefore, I encourage you to use the contact details in the position description to your advantage.

Prepare For The Interview


Hiring managers will reveal their priorities to you when you get on a call with them. They will let you know why they are hiring for that role and the immediate responsibilities.

Once you have received the information, the next thing you want is to use this information to kickstart your preparation for the interview.

Final Summary

Giving a hiring manager a call can go a long way in understanding the organisation’s needs, establishing relationships, and preparing for the interview for your next role.

Do not see a contact number as mere digits. Use it to your advantage by ringing the hiring manager to advance your job search journey. This action will help them remember you during the shortlisting process and hopefully hit the interview list.

I wish you the best.

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