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Are You A Lover-Boy Job Seeker?

Getting attached to a role or a company as a job seeker is expensive for your physical and mental health.

In 2019, I met a young professional who had just arrived in Australia. He was seeking roles to help him get started in the country. Living costs were high, so it made sense to start earning an income.

After drilling through a list of employers, he had an unusual interest in one of them.

This one employer seemed very special to him because he knew some people working for the company who had said some nice things about the organisation.

Thankfully, one day he realised they were hiring for his chosen role. He quickly prepared and submitted his application.

He was expectant, hoping he would one day start working with some of his allies.

After two weeks, he was shortlisted for an interview. He smiled deeply, like an early sunrise on mother earth. The interview email felt like an actual job offer.

Confident. He proceeded to the organisation to attend the interview, like a teenager going out on his first date.

Of course, I wasn’t there with him at the interview, but he sounded like he exceeded expectations.

According to him, he answered the panel well and was confident he would get in.

After three days, he received an email that his application for the role had not been successful.

His jaw dropped like a truck offloading gravel at a construction site.

He shook his head in amazement.

He yelled in shock; I could hear him from the other end.

He couldn’t believe the outcome.

I picked up key lessons from his experience that I would like to share with you.

Keep Going After You Apply


The message is clear.

Do not stop after you submit one application. In his case, he was committed to this one firm that he thought would be working with his friends.

He let his friends know after he applied and interviewed.

Do not halt your job application process because you have found a god-company you wish to work for.

Yes, it’s okay to have firms you desire but do not limit this to just one so as not to be met with shocking surprises.

Manage Your Expectations Correctly


Remind yourself that a job application differs from a job offer.

Unless your own the company, there might be little you can do to influence the outcome of your application or interview.

Therefore, managing your expectations is crucial to your physical and mental health.

A job application is not a job offer.

Have the right expectations.

Closing Thoughts

Job hunting is a long and tedious process. Sometimes, it takes months to land the job you want finally.

Therefore, do not limit the scope of your applications to an entity.

Developing a growth mindset to keep going after you apply and manage your expectations correctly is crucial to your well-being.

There is little we can do to influence the outcome of job applications, but you can do more to enhance your health and well-being.

Do not set all your mind to one application.

Plant seeds daily by expanding the scope of your applications and hope for the best.


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