Do You Have A Career Evangelist?

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” — Zig Ziglar

Some time ago, my contract was running out. I loved the role and the people, so I looked forward to working with the organisation for longer.

Although my contract still had a few months to expire, there was no need to wait until the very last minute to take action.


Finding work is easier when you aren’t actively looking for a job.

Finding a job can sometimes take time, and I didn’t want to find myself in this debacle.

So how did I manage this transition?

Instead of depending solely on online job applications (which I could have done), I hit my internal networks. I let them know what I was looking for and the opportunities I was after. It’s crucial to be as specific as possible with your request.

About a week later, I got another contract.

Sweet yeah?

It still feels like magic to me today.

Honestly, I didn’t do much.

But who did the heavy lifting?

My Career Evangelists.

They went all in for me.

It turns out that these people also reached out to their networks to let them know. This step had a multiplier effect.

I developed trusted working relationships with these professionals and helped them solve critical problems.

They have witnessed my skills firsthand and could readily attest to them. Beyond this, I kept in touch with them and occasionally shared ideas.

So, carrying and sharing my gospel beyond borders wasn’t challenging for them.

Here’s my question to you now:

How Many Career Evangelists Do You Have?

“The new form of networking is not about climbing a ladder to success; it’s about collaboration, cocreation, partnerships, and long-term values-based relationships.”

— Porter Gale


Do you have any at all?

There’s a limit to where your skills can take you as a professional.

In addition to being good at your craft, which is the skills component, you also need solid relationships and a good character. Jon Acuff writes on this well in his book “Do Over”. You need skills, character, relationships, and hustle to advance your career.

Your relationships and character kick in when your skills fail to help unlock your next opportunity.

You need career evangelists who can carry placards and preach you to the whole world and their inner circle when you need help. You need them to attest to your skills and preach you to others so you can do what you want.


Where Do I Start?

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.” — Keith Ferrazzi

Career Evangelists are everywhere.

You wouldn’t need to go shopping for them. This group of professionals aren’t strangers but are more likely to be individuals within your personal and professional networks.

They are those that can back up your skills and let the world know how good you are, and help you stand out. They are those you develop relationships with over time.

It’s easier to develop and grow relationships with them than simply showing up and asking for help. It’s a lot easier when you have established some form of relationship, and it’s even better when they can attest to your skills through your working relationship or a challenge you helped them solve.

They need to know, trust and be able to attest to your skills.


Closing Thoughts

“The single greatest ‘people skill’ is a highly developed and authentic interest in the other person.” — Bob Burg

Photo by Andrea Piacquadioon Unsplash


Career Evangelists are like angels.

They can take you from zero to hero. We all need them in our professional circle. The more career evangelists you have in your network, the easier it is for you to advance and grow your career.

These individuals will always attest to your skills and give you the extra leap to get ahead in your career when you need it the most.

Find your true evangelists.

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