How Solid And Valuable Is Your Network?

Many professionals have misunderstood the true meaning of network. This explains why it is severely undervalued.

So, what does networking mean to you?

Finding yourself in a large hall, about the size of a stadium, filled with strangers and exchanging business cards? Nope. Far from it.

A strong network of people is that pool of human capital that you can quickly tap into when you need (to exchange) ideas, information, and assistance for personal or professional reasons.

I will share a true-life story to help you understand the true value and meaning of a network.

A friend of mine was running out of contract. He needed to move on to another contract as soon as possible to secure his job.

So, what did he do?

He reached out to his network and let them know he was seeking opportunities and what he wanted. After a few days, two of his connections linked him up with various jobs, and he got another contract and settled in a new role within one week.

According to him, he’d always had this pool of people within his reach and was constantly engaging with them when he was not in need.

Is your network this strong?

A strong network gives you instant access to human capital and resources when needed. It becomes a bit complicated if you don’t have this pool of people ready to go.


Because you can’t simply tap on a stranger’s shoulder and expect instant help. People help those they know and trust.

So, here are the takeaways for you:

  1. The greater your network, the easier it is for you when you need access to information, resources, and opportunities.
  2. The best time to network is when you don’t need them. Having a network pool ready to go will make your life easier when you need information.
  3. Don’t network with the aim to receive. Help others when you can.

So, how should you start expanding your network?

Start with LinkedIn. It’s the powerhouse of millions of professionals from over 190 countries. Connect with me here.

Other useful resources:

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I wish you the best.