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The Best Time To Look For Work Is …

Davis is a full-time Engineer with a top multinational company. He loves his role and enjoys the work. His work develops his skills, and he’s happy with his income.

Davis loves his lifestyle, gets paid time off work, and can afford anything he wants.

Davis got in as a temporary employee on a five-year contract and is sure to be with the firm for at least five years.

Twelve months into the contract, Davis’ employer told him the funding had been cut for the project and sadly, the project would end in 30 days.

Davis told me he is looking for work to continue living the life he wants. He hopes to find another job to maintain his lifestyle within 30 days.

This article is not about Davis but elaborates on how many young professionals deal with job transition.

Many young professionals are never ready for the next phase of their careers.

After engaging with many young professionals, I realise that everyone’s job search strategy differs.

Many will argue that the best time to apply for a job is when you are looking.

It makes logical sense. Why spend so much time and effort looking when you don’t need something?

The time and effort could be channelled into another activity to reward your effort.

I agree with the logic, but It’s different with job hunting.

So when is the best time to look for work?

Start Today

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The best time to start looking for work is today.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a job or not.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most paying job in the world.

You start looking right away.

I realised this when I lost jobs in the past and was left with nothing. I had to start looking immediately, which often did not produce quick results. I had to wait many months before I could find another job.

I have learnt my lessons.

Now, I am always on the lookout, although passively.

I look at internal and external job ads to understand their requirements.

I often do not apply for these roles. I save a copy of the job ad to read again later if I found any interesting ads.

You Don’t Need To Be Ready To Look At The Market

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You don’t need to actively seek to browse and apply for jobs. You can and should always read position descriptions of exciting roles.

These may be the roles at the level above yours. The goal is to help you prepare and understand what the employers need. It might also be to network with those working in these roles.

In my case, I connect with similar people in these roles to understand how they work and their current challenges.

In addition, I look at who the roles report to and start building my network on LinkedIn.

Building your network while busy with your day job doesn’t hurt.

It helps you connect with those that matter and can help you get ahead in your career.

The best time to network is when you don’t need them.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know when to start looking for your next job, I encourage you to take action. Don’t wait until you need a job.

Sometimes, It can be challenging to land a job when you need one. The best time to look for a job is when you don’t need it, and that time is now.

It’s fun looking for jobs when you are not looking. You can look confidently and choose the jobs you want without pressure.

You can tease out the positions that do not interest you and focus on the ones you want.

When you are finally ready to apply, you would already have information on:

  • Which companies or departments regularly advertise for roles
  • Which managers hire regularly
  • The skills you need for the role (and you already prepared for this)
  • What to expect from the job (after speaking with those in the roles)

Use this strategy to your advantage and get ahead in your career.

Don’t wait until you need a job to start looking.

Be smarter with your job search.

Play offensive and start now.

I wish you the best.