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Why LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” Might Fail You

I have seen LinkedIn Easy Apply for a few years and have never really used it.

You may wonder why I haven’t used such a great tool that makes job applications easy for candidates.

If you have known me for a while now, you will see that I don’t like low-hanging fruit applications. Every job is unique, and you should put in some effort to apply for it if you are genuinely interested in the role.

The LinkedIn easy apply function is a great way to get your application submitted for a job as quickly as possible.

You can expect to get what you asked for from the term easy apply. It’s a quick process that makes your job easy on the front end but might hurt your chances of landing the role on the other side.

Let’s talk about this a bit more.


Why it may not work for you

Recruiters only see a snapshot of your LinkedIn profile when they receive an “Easy Apply” application, including your photo, headline, past and present job titles, etc.

If your LinkedIn profile is not up to date, lacks detail, or fails to showcase your complete career journey, it is unlikely that prospective employers will reach out to you.

However, if you have created an impressive LinkedIn profile with relevant keywords, detailed descriptions of your experience, tangible accomplishments, and a compelling headline, using the “Easy Apply” button will give hiring managers a clear understanding of your qualifications for the role.

In short, only use the button when your profile matches the job requirements and opt for a general application when it’s not.


What you should use the easy-apply option

  1. When It’s Not Your Dream Job

While casually browsing through LinkedIn job postings, you come across an opportunity that may not be your dream job, but you’re open to learning more about the company. The Easy Apply feature lets you quickly attach a resume and apply for the role.

Remember that recruiters will first see your LinkedIn profile, so ensure it’s current. If your profile doesn’t make a good impression, the hiring manager may not open your well-crafted resume.

Either way, you have nothing to lose when you don’t hear back because it wasn’t your dream job.

  1. Your LinkedIn profile is top-notch.

I have seen some excellent candidates on LinkedIn.

These profiles are top-notch, and you can’t help but admire their profile. They have a stellar profile picture, headline and a strong summary section. If this is you, then employers will want to take a second look at your profile.

If you’ve got a strong profile, maybe you can try it. After all, recruiters are always looking for great candidates to fill roles.

Mind you, I still consider the easy-apply method less effective than the traditional application method. In the conventional way, I can also attach a cover letter, while the Easy Apply option does not allow you to attach a cover letter.

I don’t use this method myself and would not advise you to use this application method.


Closing thoughts

The LinkedIn Easy-Apply method can be a great way to submit your application for a job. While it looks fast and easy, it can hurt your chances of landing a job because it doesn’t adequately showcase your profile and application to a recruiter.

Only use this option if your profile is top-notch and you are confident of your abilities or if you are testing the waters because the job in view isn’t your dream job.

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