Why You Should Knock Again

Many years ago, I was job hunting for my first job.

I was fresh out of college, and it was about time to start thinking about my next career move.

As a 20+ years old, I could no longer form daddy’s boy and had to start thinking about my career and take responsibility for my next move.

Knowing this, I applied to as many jobs as possible during my internship. Many of them didn’t turn out well, as I barely heard back from them.

Anyway, I kept going and was lucky to get a few emails back and a telephone call. This feedback got me excited and showed signs that something was working right.

But then, after a while, I heard nothing.


Expect Some Silence

Job applications are beyond your control.

Sometimes there’s little you can do to influence the speed of an outcome. Getting the employer to do what you want when you want them to do it is hard.

Getting results is one thing, but getting them when needed can be tricky.

You can expect silence when your paperwork hits an employer’s desk.

It could be between when you submit your resume and when you get a confirmation. It could be between when you received your phone screening and when you hear back for an interview. It could also be between when you complete an interview and when you hear a decision.

Either way, you can expect some moments of silence.


Use The Moment Of Silence As A Moment Of Reflection

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

There is nothing much you can do while waiting, but there is one thing you can do to help you keep on track.

Most people wait and do nothing during this moment. You can use this moment to reflect on your goals and what you have just completed. Consider what’s working and what not working and is this to improve the process

More importantly, you can:


Focus On The Low-Hanging Fruits

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

While waiting to hear back from the job I wanted, I decided to get busy.

I focussed on the low-hanging fruits.

The firms that contacted me via email or telephone were the low-hanging fruits.

Even though they had all gone silent, it was a sign that they had some interest.

Rather than going back to the drawing board altogether, it was easy to subset and focus on this group. I wanted to progress the initial contact to land an offer.

Knock Again

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Once I gathered this subset of semi-interested companies, I decided to knock again.

I followed up via email to reiterate my interest and communicate why I was a good fit for their organisation.

Not long after, I received another telephone call. I would go on and attend an in-person interview and impress the employer. I ended up getting my first job offer.

Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten this job had I not contacted the organisation again precisely when I did.

Maybe the timing was just right, or it was just a coincidence. Either way, it’s safe to acknowledge that following up was a good idea.


Closing Thoughts


Sometimes a job you want is near but hasn’t yet arrived.

You might have received the initial email or a telephone screening interview. You might be tempted to go to sleep and forget about the entire process.

What you should do while trying to apply to more jobs is to focus on the subset that has contacted you and reiterate your interest.

That email might get you on their minds again and make a difference in your job search.

Don’t just wait. Get onto the low-hanging fruits.

Knock again.

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