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How Solid And Valuable Is Your Network?

Many professionals have misunderstood the true meaning of network. This explains why it is severely undervalued. So, what does networking mean to you? Finding yourself in a large hall, about the size of a stadium, filled with strangers and exchanging business cards? Nope. Far from it. A strong network of people is that pool of human […]

Are You A Lover-Boy Job Seeker?

Getting attached to a role or a company as a job seeker is expensive for your physical and mental health. In 2019, I met a young professional who had just arrived in Australia. He was seeking roles to help him get started in the country. Living costs were high, so it made sense to start […]

The Best Time To Look For Work Is …

Davis is a full-time Engineer with a top multinational company. He loves his role and enjoys the work. His work develops his skills, and he’s happy with his income. Davis loves his lifestyle, gets paid time off work, and can afford anything he wants. Davis got in as a temporary employee on a five-year contract […]

Beware Of Free Career Advice

I recently overheard a conversation between a friend who was speaking to another friend. We will call my friend John. John was relocating to a new country to start a new life. It was an opportunity he had waited on for a few years. He was glad his dream finally came through. He could now […]

Get Your Bullets Ready

I recently posted on Twitter about getting a raise at work. In this Twitter post, I suggested that it was much easier to show value before going into the negotiation room. A reader responded to me and said: “Well, we should just ask anyway.” I’m afraid I have to disagree with this position even though […]

Put Your Best Foot Forward

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” — Will Rogers Tim Ruscica, one of my favourite Youtubers for learning programming, recently made a video. He shared feedback on the quality of the application he received after he announced his team at a start-up was hiring. Tim is a great programmer and knows […]