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How Persistence Made Me A Data Scientist

I have read several stories of how professionals became Data Scientists. For many people, it was pretty straightforward. They enrolled in a data science, engineering or computer degree. These individuals were already proficient in one or more several languages, and it was comfortable for them to dive into the world of data. Others like me […]

How to stay motivated and keep going during a job hunt

I recently read the story of a young professional (let’s call him John) who had just completed his degree from a top university in the UK. He had completed his degree with flying colours and expected to get a job without any delays. He thought employers would be flocking around him with job offers, and […]

Why you need to sell yourself to the interview panel

Ever wondered why some job seekers land almost every job interview they get shortlisted for? I recently participated in a LinkedIn poll seeking opinions on the conversion rates of job interviews. The moderator wanted to gather feedback on the number of interviews a job applicant needed to attend to land an offer successfully. His responses […]

Why you need a growth mindset to succeed

Mindset is crucial for success. We often come across individuals with different mindsets, whether in a workplace or academic environment. We have different mindsets, and this continues to shape our individualities and also how we approach situations. Have you ever wondered why some young individuals seem to grow exponentially and flourish in their field of […]

Leadership Statement and Philosophy

Leadership Statement and Philosophy An important part of this portfolio is to critically evaluate the philosophies, values and principles that guide me as an aspiring leader – not just in the healthcare industry, but in other areas of work and life in general. My viewpoint of leadership has changed in the last decade, which coincided with […]